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Nail Gallery and Spa - Happiness is the Highest State of Well-Being

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 4, 2017 23:15

Happiness is the highest state of well-being, according to The Nail Gallery’s philosophy. The thought process behind that belief is multi-fold. It’s not simply about getting pampered or having a massage.

Following are a few reasons why your happiness means so much to The Nail Gallery & Spa:

  1. Stress can cause a diminished immune system. If you think about it, by not looking after yourself you can easily get sick or worn out, and that can start a vicious cycle and/or downward spiral.
  2. Time spent on looking after yourself fills you up. That quote, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” rings true, doesn’t it?
  3. We are unique individuals and as such, we all have a different way of feeling loved, happy or relaxed. In an industry that can be seen as frivolous, it’s essential to understand that we are as individual in our need for self-care as we are in our choice of say, our career. One way we can learn what makes another feel loved – or happy – is through The 5 Love Languages. It is a great tool to discover more about you or your partner, or about your friend, your Mom, or even a co-worker. And just maybe you’ll find out who would truly appreciate a trip to The Nail Gallery & Spa!

So often we are distracted and busy and we tend to put off things that may appear selfish. Self-care is far more vital than we have previously placed a priority on. You can’t give what you do not have, and that’s a significant part of why your well-being is just as crucial to The Nail Gallery, as is a great set of nails!


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