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Wedding Photography in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   January 26, 2015 16:33

If you’re a bride-to-be, chances are you’ve spent some time on popular wedding blogs browsing through endless photos of beautifully styled weddings. This might seem like nothing more than a guilty pleasure that you can now justify because you are engaged, but it can actually be a huge help in the wedding planning process. Browsing online can be a great technique for discovering the way you want your wedding to look and the photography style in which you would like it captured. Consider it research! Of course Pinterest is a great tool for building a collection of all the ideas you love most, and it can serve as a launch pad for putting inspiration into action. 


Once you have an idea of the style of wedding you’d like to have, you’ll be better equipped to choose a photographer who fits with your vision. You’ll want to make this decision fairly early on, as photographers can book up a year or more in advance and you’ll want to get going on that engagement session that is often included in wedding photography packages!


We recently interviewed local wedding photographer Allison Rawlings of Esprit Photography, and loved her piece of advice about choosing a photographer for your big day. She stressed the importance of not only loving the photographer’s style, but also liking them as a person! You are, after all, going to be spending a large portion of your wedding day with them. Check out this week’s Featured Article for more from Allison on the subject of wedding photography.


Most photographers like to set up a meet and greet prior to booking, which is a great opportunity for you to get a feel for what he or she is like before you commit. Open communication with your potential photographer is paramount, and its important for you to ask questions and to bring up items of importance with regards to photos. If there are particular shots you want (or don’t want) to have taken, you should be sure to express your desires so that you can get a sense of what the photographer is comfortable with. Do you like creative, fun shots? Dramatic, sensual poses? Artistic landscape shots? Are there certain moments that you'll want captured? Photo galleries on the photographer’s website usually give a nice representation of the type of shots he or she naturally goes for during a shoot, but its a good idea to discuss your desires verbally to ensure you are on the same page. 


Of all these things, our opinion is that the most important thing is to be yourself, no matter what style of photography you choose or what shots you arrange to have taken. Fun poses and props can be a lot of fun and have great results, and intimate moments can translate beautifully in photos. Regardless of what you and your photographer decide on, each and every photo will turn out amazing when the real you is shining through the camera. 

Featured in today's post is local Saskatoon business Esprit Photography. Committed to giving couples the opportunity to walk away from their wedding day with more than just stunning photos, Esprit Photography strives to ensure that their wedding day is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Connect with Esprit Photography on Facebook to view the latest photo shoots by this awesome husband and wife team! 

For more wedding photography inspiration, pay a visit to our Wedding Photography board on Pinterest!

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