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Food And Fairs This Weekend In YXE

posted by My Saskatoon    |   September 18, 2015 13:03

This Saturday, grab a pumpkin-spiced latte and stroll the streets of 33rd and River Landing to take in some good eats, good music and good finds.


The YXE Street Food Festival is back again this year with mobile vendors dishing out the food we love so much.  Stretching down Spadina between 2nd and 3rd Ave, you will find more than twenty food vendors from 11:30am to 9:30pm.  You can find the list of vendors and musical guests here


 The 33rd Street Fair is back again for it's 3rd year and what started as a couple buskers and vendors is now better than ever! A community stage was added this year so be sure to check out some local entertainment!  The fair starts at 11:00am and ends at 9:00pm this Saturday and the admission is FREE. Check out the line-up here



 The My Saskatoon Team

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In Our City

5 Things: Fall Must- Haves At Twisted Goods

posted by My Saskatoon    |   September 17, 2015 12:16

Fall is among us and locally owned Twisted Goods wants you to have these trendy essentials for the new season coming up. We spoke with Lindsey, Operations Manager of Twisted Goods, and here is what she has to say about whats in stores.

"Right now our main focus in the store is Fall fashion. Matt & Nat is one of our top vendors for fashion bags this season. Matt & Nat is a vegan bag brand committed to sustainability and being environmentally friendly. This season we are carrying pieces from three of their collections: Dwell, Vintage, and Loom. Some of our top selling bags are the Jorja or Sheenan in Cocoa, Bordeaux or Gravel. The Raylan or Acadia make awesome work bags (from the vintage collection in Black, Fig, or Chill) and the Dunham in Sage or Grape from the Loom collection. You can find all of these trendy bags here




                                                             Photo Credit: Twisted Goods


 We also carry a variety of jewelry lines. Two of our most popular pieces are The Giving Keys and Lokai Bracelets.

Lokai bracelets have one bead that holds mud from the Dead Sea and one that holds water from Mount Everest. They remind us to stay humble when we are on top of the world and to stay hopeful when we are not. Lokai is releasing a limited-edition pink breast cancer awareness bracelet that we will be carrying in stores October 1st. We are thinking this will be a coveted item so hurry in to get yours!

 The Giving Keys are made by an amazing company based out of L.A who employ those who are transitioning out of homelessness. The line is a collection of bracelets and necklaces that feature a key with a word printed on it. The idea is to eventually give your key away to someone who you thin needs the word on the key.

 Another item that we are proud to have in the store and would look good on anybody this Fall is our Nancy Durham Scarves. Nancy is a local designer based out of Delisle, SK. She uses top fabrics to compose beautiful one of a kind scarves!

Aside from Fall fashion, our other focus this season is our hosting accessories. We currently have a "Fork & Cork" table up in our stores which is our wine and cheese hosting table. Some items featured here are our Corkcicles, Wine-to-go cups, Mice Cheese Knives by Kikkerland, Gurgle Pots and stemless "yours" and "mine" glasses. 


                                                                       Photo Credit: Twisted Goods


Twisted Goods is located in Lawson Heights Mall and The Circle and Center Mall. For store hours and information visit their Spotlight Profile.




 The My Saskatoon Team

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5 Things

Useful Tips For Flying Across The Pond

posted by My Saskatoon    |   September 16, 2015 10:09

West Jet announces a new travel route and it has everyone planning their next trip. With direct flights out of Calgary and Edmonton to London Gatwick airport five times a week, more Saskatoonians will be visiting the Queen this winter.

If you are planning a get away over the pond, use these steps to avoid serious jet lag after nine hour flight. Dailymakeover has these travel tips for you.


1. Stay Hydrated

Due to 20% humidity and recirculation of air flow on the plane the air is forced to draw moisture from wherever it can, and that includes your skin. It is recommended to drink plenty of water a week before travel and while travelling. Also, have lotion in your carry on and don't be afraid to use it throughout the flight. It is amazing what dehydration will do to your skin after that many hours. You want to look refreshed coming off the plane so keep up with the fluids.



                                Photo Credit:

 2. Stay Awake

Resist the urge to take a nap once you arrive in your new time zone. If you can adjust to the hours of your destination's normal bed time hours, you will beat the jet lag quicker and possibly avoid the look of tired eyes for the first two days.


          Photo Credit: Pinterest


3. Keep Moving

There is no easy way to be active on an plane but by taking walks up and down the aisles from time to time will help the blood flow while on a nine hour flight. Here are 18 exercises for healthy flying.


                                       Photo Credit:


4. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Everyone knows that alcohol dehydrates your body and coffee is a diuretic, which has a dehydrating effect. Your skin is restored when you sleep so resist the urge to have these beverages and take some Z's instead.

                                  Photo Credit:


5. Exfoliate

Once you have arrived at your final destination and before you race out to see the London Eye you must EXFOLIATE! Cleanse your skin and remove the dry skin that you acquired from flying. You will want a fresh face when you see the Queen.

                               Photo Credit:


 Let's face it, jet lag is real and it is almost impossible to avoid. However, if you follow these tips for flying long hours, you will look a little more bright eyed upon arrival and won't have to avoid any selfies.

 The My Saskatoon Team

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5 Things

Top Fall Hairstyles

posted by My Saskatoon    |   September 14, 2015 10:55

Fall Season is just around the corner, literally next week.  It's time to part with that sun-kissed summer hair and make way for the season change. Give your hair a new lease on life with these fall trends.


The Low Profile

  It is back to business this fall so take down that  top knot and replace it with the low pony.  It can be worn many ways, from sleek and modern to messy and loose.  Just keep it low.



 Side profile


Parting down the middle, inspired by all of the spring 70's references, was a fresh and sleek way for spring and summer. However, adding volume and a new part is one way to feel like a new you.  



The New Twist

The classic french twist and all its high society feeling is replaced by a much younger, looser and cooler look with embracing the not-so uptight vibe.



Up Top

Top knots are not completely done for the season just yet, they are just reinvented. Although your top knot screams fun and messy, it needs a little more effect. The trend now is to have it just a little more "on top" and some quirky-ness to it.




Back Story

Rather than focusing on the front like we all do so well, let the back of your head tell the story now. Half up hair is the best way to keep your hair down without having it in your face and add some funky detail to mix it up. Either keep it simple or add tiny braids or twists to it, let the focus be on the back.













 The My Saskatoon Team

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5 Things

Stretch Out The Summer On This Hot September Weekend

posted by My Saskatoon    |   September 10, 2015 11:34

Broadway Street Fair is on from 10:00am to 5:00pm this Saturday. Vendors, street performers, artists and musicians will be taking over Broadway for another year! 

The Spadina sandbar will be packed with people when the temperature gets to 27 degrees this Saturday. Head to the beach and sink your toes in the sand.

Bar patio season is coming to end so make sure your replenish yourself by stopping in your favourite rooftop patio and soak up some rays. If you haven't yet, check out the Bessborough's, Metric Garden Lounge.

There is a citywide curbside swap planned for Saturday starting early in the morning. Can you say FREE garage sales everywhere!

Many fundraising walks and runs for awareness are happening on Sunday. Grab a coffee and cheer them on across the city.

The Hilton Garden downtown is putting on a BBQ for New Hope Dog Rescue and the Saskatoon SPCA starting at 11:00am on the patio. 

A cute date night idea includes a truck bed, pillows and blankets and a loved one.  Head to the outskirts of the city and star gaze all night while the air is warm.


Let us know what you are doing on this beautiful September weekend by using the hash tag #mysaskatoon


Photo Credit:



Photo Credit: Sharai Siemens Photography


 The My Saskatoon Team

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5 Things

5 Things: DIY, keepin' cozy and vote for the best

posted by My Saskatoon    |   September 9, 2015 11:23

Did you know Warm & Art, located in Willowgrove Square, sells wall fire places? Fall is the time to prepare for the winter ahead so check out the range of beautiful fire places in stock and keep warm this season.

Pineapples are the "in" trend this year for decor. Here are 5 different ways to add a cool vibe to your wedding or home.

Georgia Mills is having a back to school sale for all your students out there looking to brighten up your room for the new year. 20% off all regular priced duvets and quilts until September 13th.

You have until September 21st to vote for the best of Saskatoon for Planet S magazine. Check out the details here.

Pick up your free 2016 calendar of classic cars and travel at Al Hattie Insurance.

 Photo Credit: Sharai Siemens Photography 



The My Saskatoon Team

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5 Things | Shop Local

Food and Fireworks Has Your Weekend Busy

posted by My Saskatoon    |   September 3, 2015 11:11

From September 2nd-6th, Riversdale District is hosting the first YXEeats food and drink festival. Proudly presented by the Commercial Group, YXEeats is a new festival to Saskatoon where you can try all the unique cuisine that the Riversdale District has to offer featuring set price menus and daily deals.


You can find some of your local favourite's like Collective Coffee, Leyda's, The Hollows, the Odd Couple and more!  Check out the rest of participating restaurants here.


Make sure you head out to the  PotashCorp Firework Festival this Friday and Saturday at the Friendship Park and the Amphitheatre at River Landing.  It is forecasted to be a chilly weekend so make sure you have plenty of blankets, friends and family around you to keep you warm,


 Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

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Back To School Essentials

posted by My Saskatoon    |   August 31, 2015 12:22

Whether you are a mom and your are kids off to school for another year or  you are a student at U of S, these are some essentials that will help you get back in the groove!

Janea Dieno of JBD Financial is offering 30% off on your child's saving funds effective until December 31st, 2015. Its never too late to start a savings fund for your child's future education. You can find that promotion here!

We all know spring is the time for beach-body training but after the summer is over, we need to start all over again to shed the summer pounds. Maintain that body for the winter by signing up for a membership at Fitness Focus. If you refer a friend, you will receive a month for free!

For all the back to school fall trends, Era Style Loft and Options by Trish have the clothing and accessories for you! 

 Now that it is September, the colours are changing and by adding a different colour pallet to your home will make the transition from summer to fall much easier! Here are some fall flower ideas to brighten your home.  Head to Michelle's Flowers to get that special fall arrangement for your student dorm or apartment!

Photo Credit: Pinterest


 The My Saskatoon Team

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Haven Builders on 5 Things To Know Before You Build An Infill Home

posted by My Saskatoon    |   August 27, 2015 14:32

Building an infill home is not as simple as many think. In fact, many builders won’t even consider building an infill home due to the extra factors involved in the process. Here are 5 things you probably never thought of when considering an infill home.


  1. City Bylaws – Saskatoon has specific bylaws relating to building infill homes. Before proceeding to designing your home, you must be aware of these requirements in addition to zoning and other bylaws.
  2. The Design Process – Infill designs must be done in accordance with lot specifications and permit requirements before going forward to designing your dream home. At Haven Builders, we include a 3D virtual tour of the home (inside and out) and some of the neighborhood around it. This ensures you will be building the house you love and that it will look great in the neighborhood. What you see is what your going to get so there will be no regrets once the build is complete.
  3. Demolition and Infrastructure Needs – Some of our older core neighborhoods have an infrastructure system that is often in need of upgrades when you build something new. Sewer, water, etc. are a couple of areas where there has been some additional costs that can be at the very least upsetting if you aren’t made aware ahead of the build. Also, if you plan to demo an old home on the lot – you will need a permit for that.
  4. Tree Plans – The beauty of some of our cities historic neighborhoods are the beautiful trees that line the neighborhood. However, if you happen to cut down one that is not on your property and owned by the city, you could be dishing our some big bucks to the city. Saskatoon has a protected tree plan throughout the city and if you happen to cut down the wrong one to make room for your new home, you will pay for it!
  5. The Neighbors – Let’s face it, most people are thrilled to see the dilapidated old house next door that is reducing their own property value get knocked down and hauled away. However, there are a few that may not want to see the tree in the middle of your property disappear or have a 2 story home next to them blocking the sun to their small bungalow. It is always good to chat with the neighbors if you can and let them know your plans. You won’t be able to make everyone happy all the time. However, most people are more gracious and tolerant of the construction zone next door if you are in communication with them and let them know what is happening.

Most people are unaware of all the factors involved in an infill build and the details can be overwhelming and pretty stressful. However, if you find a builder that is experienced in infill home development and is willing to look after the many details for you then an infill home is a great option. At Haven Builders, we specialize in infill home builds and yes, we look after every detail so you don’t have to. At Haven, we believe you will love your home even more if you love the experience!! The Haven Team will work with you through the process, eliminate your stress, and provide you with a dream home customized just for you. Then, you can move in, relax, and enjoy your new home!


 The My Saskatoon Team

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6 Steps In Purchasing A New Home with Deb Murdoch

posted by My Saskatoon    |   August 21, 2015 09:42

Deb  Murdoch of TMG the Mortgage Group says that buying a new home can be very stressful if you don't know the correct steps to a successful purchase. Since Fall is one of the busiest seasons for home buyers and sellers, Deb wants you to know the six steps to buying a home stress free and make the process a little easier with her help.

Step 1: Get pre-approved: It allows you to determine the amount you can qualify for your new home.

Step 2: Start Searching: Using a realtor, word of mouth or checking sites is very useful. Take a drive around the neighbourhoods that interest you and look for "for sale" signs because they may not be listed with a realtor.

Step 3: Make an offer to purchase: After finding the home you want to buy, making an offer of purchase to the seller allows the legal document to be outlined with details that you need to ensure a proper agreement. 

Step 4: Finalize your financing: Once your offer to purchase is accepted, your mortgage broker turns your pre-approval into a live deal. 

Step 5: Closing day: This is the day your receive legal possession of your new home.  You take steps with your lawyer for the payment process and to complete the deal.

Step 6: Moving: The most exciting time of the whole process is moving. Either moving yourself or hiring a moving company, the process can be stressful in an exciting time.

With Deb Murdoch having access to great rates in all of these categories, make your experience a happy one! 

These steps are only an overview of what you need to look for when purchasing a new home. For more details on each of these steps, check our Deb Murdoch's Feature Business Article here or visit her website at


The My Saskatoon Team

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